Lamb Curries

Lamb Curry

Lamb Curry £9.95 Boneless Lamb Curry Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic And Spices Making It The Perfect Homemade Curry

Saag Gosht

Saag Gosht £9.95 Lamb Slowly Cooked With Fresh Spinach, Herbs and Spices 

Bhuna Gosht

Bhuna Gosht £9.95 Meat Gently Cooked in A Rich Tomatoes Sauce, Infused With Special Spices and Herbs 

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh £9.95 Tender Pieces of Lamb Cooked Slowly in A Mild Curry With Almonds and Spices 

Keema Peas

Keema Peas £9.95 Quality Minced Lamb Cooked With Peas & Herbs, Dry Spices, Fresh Onion, Green Chilli, Ginger & Garlic 

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