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The Spice Box


Biryani Box

A combination of Vegetable, Eggs, Chicken or Lamb gently steam cooked with saffron flavoured rice, whole spices & fresh ginger garlic. Served with salad & raita.

Veg Starters
Non-Veg Starters
Veg Curries
Chicken Curries
Lamb Curries
Fish Curries
Wraps & Burgers

Wraps rolled in our Freshly made Tandoori naan, stuffed with salad and topped with chutneys.

Indian Street Food
Drinks and Refreshments
The Kids Box
    • Desserts

    • Banoffee Cake


      A layer of thick toffee on a biscuit base with fresh sliced banana. Topped with banana mouse and whipped banana cream.

    • Coconut Supreme


      Cool & delicious coconut ice cream packed into real half coconut shell

    • Cookies and Cream 


      A rich chocolaty cookie dunked in delicious, creamy vanilla ice cream to satisfy the milk and cookies kid in all of us

    • Fantastica


      Vanilla & Caramel ice cream, with chocolate balls, toffee pieces & caramel sauce.

    • Ferrera Rocher 


      World famous rich Ferrero Rocher ice cream combined with thick chocolate sauce topped with Ferrero Rocher

    • Gulab Jamun


      Indian sweet doughnut dipped in golden syrup

    • Kulfi


      Delicious Indian ice cream made from whole milk nuts & fruits, Choice of mango. pistachio, almond or malai flavours.

    • Matka Kulfi


      Creamy and luscious dessert made with pistachio kulfi ice cream, containing saffron, topped with almond & pistachio nuts.

    • Passion Fruit Brownie & Beyond


      Passion Fruit Brownie & Beyond Layers of biscuit & Belgian ganache topped with passion fruit cheesecake and fudge brownie pieces.

    • Punky / Kuaky / Monster


      Kuaky: Chocolate ice cream in a free plastic toy.

      Punky: Vanilla ice cream in a toy.

      Monster Toy: Delicious strawberry flavour.

    • Royal Pot


      Toffee flavoured ice cream topped with delicious milk toffee pieces in an attractive pot

    • Strawberry Cheesecake


      Set on a biscuit base, made with cream cheese and a hint of vanilla. Then topped with a strawberry fruit topping.

    • The Spice Box


    • Vegetarian Box

    • Chicken Box

    • Lamb Box

    • Biryani Box

      A combination of Vegetable, Eggs, Chicken or Lamb gently steam cooked with saffron flavoured rice, whole spices & fresh ginger garlic. Served with salad & raita.

    • Vegan Biryani

    • Vegetable Dum Biryani

    • Egg Dum Biryani

    • Chicken Dum Biryani

    • Lamb Dum Biryani

    • Veg Starters

    • Paneer / Cheese Spring Rolls (4PCS)


      Crispy Spring Rolls Stuffed With Paneer, Cheddar and Mozzarella Cheese

    • Peas Kachori (5PCS) (VO)


      Deep Fried Snack Filled With Mushed Peas

    • Punjabi Veg Samosa (4PCS) (VO)


      Fried Pastry Cones Filled With Potatoes, Onions Peas and Spices

    • Jalapeno Poppers (5PCS)


      Jalapeno Peppers Stuffed With Cream Cheese

    • Onion Bhaji (4PCS) (VO)


      Thinly Sliced Onions Coated In Chick Pea Flour And Spices And Fried To Perfection

    • Crispy Bhajia


      Thin Potato Slices Marinated With Special Spices And Gram Flour. Fried Deeply To Give The Perfect Crispiness. Served With Green Chutney

    • Mari Mogo (VO)


      Crispy Fried Cassava Topped With Garlic, Black Pepper & Chilli Flakes

    • Masala Mogo (VO)


      Fried Cassava With Chilli Garlic Indo Sauce

    • Crispy Bhindi (VO)


      Crispy Fries Made With Finely Chopped Okra, Flour and Spices

    • Veg Manchurian (VO)


      Vegetable Dumplings Fried and Cooked In An Indo Chinese Sauce With Onions and Peppers

    • Chilli Paneer


      Batter Fried Cottage Cheese Tossed In Chilli, Garlic & A Shezwan Chefs Special Sauce

    • Tandoori Paneer Tikka


      Cottage Cheese Marinated & Charcoal Grilled Served with Onions and Mixed Peppers

    • Non-Veg Starters

    • Keema Samosa (4 PCS)


      Fried Pastry Filled With Lamb Minced Meat and Spices

    • Lamb Seekh Kebab (2 PCS)


      Minced Lamb Marinated and Stretched Out on Skewers Cooked in Clay Oven

    • Tandoori Chicken Wings (5 PCS)


      Chicken Wings Marinated in Yogurt and A Special Tandoori Paste

    • Spice Box Wings (5 PCS)


      Grilled Chicken Wings Topped With A Special Spicy Tangy Sauce

    • Chicken Tikka (5 PCS)


      Charcoal-grilled Chunks of Chicken Cooked Perfectly With A Special Spice Mix

    • Hariyali Chicken (5 PCS)


      Chicken Cubes Marinated in A Coriander & Mint Sauce, Grilled & Served With Onions & A Dash of Lemon

    • Chicken 65


      Cubes of Chicken Tossed Dry in A Sauce Made of Red Chillies, Curry Leaves, Garlic, Ginger, Pepper, Spring Onions & Spices

    • Jeera Chicken


      Boneless Chicken Cooked in Mixed Ground Spices, Blended With A Cumin & Pepper Base Sauce

    • Chilli Chicken


      Boneless Pieces Of Chicken Cooked With Onions & Peppers In An Indo Chinese Chefs Special Sherzwan Sauce

    • Chicken Manchurian


      Chicken Pieces Fried And Tossed In An Tomato Sauce, Soy Sauce Gravy

    • Lamb Chops (4 PCS)


      Tender Lamb Chops Marinates In Yogurt And Special Spices

    • Masala Fish


      Tilapia Fish Marinated With Special Spices. Served On A Sizzler

    • Batter Fried Fish


      Batter Fried Fish in Gram Flour in A Koliwada Style

    • Chilli Garlic Prawns


      Batter Fried Prawns Tossed In A Chilli Garlic Sherzwan Sauce

    • Lasooni Jhinga King Prawns (5 PCS)


      Platter of Tandoori King Prawns With Flavour of Fresh Lemon Butter & Garlic

    • Mix Grill


      Chicken Tikka x 3, Hariyali Chicken x 3pcs, Tandoori Wings x 3pcs, Seekh Kebab x 2, Lamb Chops x 2

    • Veg Curries

    • Chana Masala


      Chickpeas Cooked in Traditional Village Style Gravy

    • Dal Makhani


      Slow Cooked Black Lentils in A Tomato Gravy With Ginger, Garlic and Drizzled With A Dash of Cream

    • Methi Corn Masala (VO)


      Sweetcorn Cooked in Thick Creamy Tomato Based Gravy With Fresh Fenugreek

    • Aloo Methi


      Potatoes Cooked In A Thick Fenugreek Gravy Price With Fresh Ginger & Garlic

    • Tarka Dal


      Traditional Yellow Lentils Tempered in Cumin, Garlic and Curry Leaves

    • Mix Veg Curry


      Mixed Veg Cooked In A Gravy With Onion Base And Fresh Ginger Garlic

    • Aloo Gobi (VO)


      Cauliflower Florets & Potatoes, Steamed & Stir-fried With Fresh Tomatoes & Green Pepper

    • Saag Aloo (VO)


      Potatoes Cooked, Tossed & Turned in Spinach and Fresh Spices

    • Paneer Lababdar


      Marinated & Grilled Cottage Cheese, Simmered in A Rich Creamy Tomato Sauce

    • Paneer Mutter Masala


      Cottage Cheese Stir Fried on a Tava With Green Peas, Tomatoes, Spices and Fresh Coriander

    • Saag Paneer Adraki


      Cottage Cheese, Sautéed With Delicately Spiced Spinach and Fresh Ginger

    • Bhindi Masala


      Fresh Okra Chopped & Sautéed in Turmeric With Dry Spices & Potatoes

    • Baingan Ka Bharta (VO)


    • Egg Curry


      Boiled Eggs Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic In A Desi Style

    • Chicken Curries

    • Desi Chicken with Bone


      Chicken Pieces Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic & Spices Making The Perfect Homemade-style Curry

    • Butter Chicken


      Diced Chicken Breast Served in A Rich Creamy Buttery Tomato Base Sauce Full of Flavour & Spice

    • Chicken Tikka Masala


      Marinated Chicken Tikka Pieces in Yogurt, Seasoned With Sweet Spiced Mixture, Cooked in A Tikka Masala Sauce

    • Chicken Madras


      Cooked in A Fairly Hot Special Authentic Curry Sauce

    • Chicken Jalfrezi


      Cooked With Green Peppers, Fried Onions & Green Chillies

    • Chicken Saag Malai


      Pieces Of Chicken Simmered With Spinach, Fresh Cream & Mild Spices

    • Chicken Korma


      Chicken Cooked in A Mild Creamy Chefs Special Sauce

    • Chicken Vindaloo


      Tender Pieces Of Chicken Cooked In A Very Spicy Sauce

    • Chicken Bhuna


      Chicken Simmered in Special Indian Sauce

    • Karahi Chicken


      Slowly Cooked Chicken Curry In A Rich Tomato Base Gravy

    • Lamb Curries

    • Keema Peas


      Quality Minced Lamb Cooked With Peas & Herbs, Dry Spices, Fresh Onion, Green Chilli, Ginger & Garlic 

    • Rogan Josh


      Tender Pieces of Lamb Cooked Slowly in A Mild Curry With Almonds and Spices 

    • Saag Gosht


      Lamb Slowly Cooked With Fresh Spinach, Herbs and Spices 

    • Bhuna Gosht


      Meat Gently Cooked in A Rich Tomatoes Sauce, Infused With Special Spices and Herbs 

    • Lamb Curry


      Boneless Lamb Curry Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic And Spices Making It The Perfect Homemade Curry

    • Fish Curries

    • Goan Fish Curry


      Tilapia Fish Curry, Slowly Cooked And Prepared In Goan Home-style

    • Malvani Prawn Curry


      A Regional Prawn Curry From The Western Coast Of India Cooked With Homemade Spices And Baby Prawns

    • King Prawns Bhuna Curry


      King Prawns Cooked With Fresh Ginger, Garlic, Tomatoes In Our Special Gravy

    • Sides

    • Chilli Naan


      Naan bread with a little chilli kick

    • Lasooni Naan


      Naan bread with garlic flakes

    • Wraps & Burgers

      Wraps rolled in our Freshly made Tandoori naan, stuffed with salad and topped with chutneys.

    • Wines Glass With Fries

      Veg Burger £4.95             £6.45

      Lamb Burger £5.45             £6.95

      Paneer Tikka Wrap £7.45             £8.95

      Falafel Wrap £7.45             £8.95

      Chicken Tikka Wrap £7.45             £8.95

      Seekh Kebab Wrap£7.45             £8.95

    • Fries

    • Masala Chips (VO)

    • Accompaniments

    • Fried Poppadoms

    • Masala Poppadoms

    • Yogurt

    • Raita

    • Red Onion & Green Chillies

    • Mix Salad

    • Indian Street Food

    • Pani Puri (6PCS)

    • Sev Puri (6PCS)

    • Dahi Puri (6PCS)

    • Bombay Bhel

    • Vada Pav

    • Aloo Papri Chaat

    • Delhi Somosa Chaat

    • Aloo Tikki Chaat

    • Bombay Sandwich

    • Mumbai Pav Bhaji

    • Drinks and Refreshments

    • Soft Drinks

      Coke 330ml£1.95

      Coke Zero 330ml£1.95

      Fanta 330ml £1.95

      Sprite 330ml £1.95

      Red Bull 330ml £3.45

      Sugarfree Red Bull 330ml £3.45

      Mango Rubicon £2.45

      Orange Juice £2.45

      Apple Juice £2.45

      Fresh Passion Fruit £3.25

      Still Water 330ml £1.95

      Still Water 750ml £3.25

      Sparkling Water 330ml £1.95

      Sparkling Water 750ml £3.25

    • Fresh Drinks & Milkshakes

      Fresh Passion Fruit £3.25

      Fresh Nimbu Pani £3.45

      Lassi Sweet / Salty / Mango / Rose £3.45

      Rose Falooda £4.25

      Mango Falooda £4.25

      Mango Milkshake £4.95

      Oreo Milkshake £4.95

      Snickers Milkshake £4.95

    • Hot Drinks

      Hot Chocolate £3.45

      English Tea £2.95

      English Coffee£2.95

      Cappuccino £3.25

      Latte £3.45

      Fresh Mint Tea £2.95

      Pepper Mint Tea £2.95

      Green Tea £2.95

      Masala Tea £3.25

    • Alcohol

    • Beers (Bottles)

      Budweiser £3.95

      Corona £3.95

      Peroni £3.95

      Tusker £5.45

      Cobra £5.75

      Kingfisher £5.95

    • Spirits

      Vodka 25ml   50ml

      Absolute Vodka £3.95     £5.95

      Grey Goose £4.65     £7.45

      Ciroc - Red Berry £4.65     £7.45

      Gin 25ml   50ml

      Pink Gin Gordon £3.45     £5.95

      Hendricks Gin £4.65     £7.45

      Rum 25ml   50ml

      Bacardi £3.45     £5.95

      Captain Morgan £3.95     £6.45

      Jack Daniels £3.95     £6.45

      Jack Daniels Honey £3.95     £6.45

      Whiskey 25ml   50ml

      Johnie Walker Black Label £4.95     £7.85

      Jameson £4.95     £7.85

    • Wines

      Wines Glass    Bottle

      Sauvignon Blanc (White Wine) £5.95   £19.95

      Chardonnay (White Wine) £5.95   £19.95

      Pinot\Grigio Blush (Rose) £5.95   £19.95

      Merlot (Red Wine) £5.95   £19.95

    • The Kids Box

    • Butter Chicken With Rice

    • Chana Masala With Rice

    • Tarka Dal With Rice

    • Chicken Nuggets (4 PCS) & Fries

    • Fish Fingers (4 PCS) & Fries

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