The Best Indian Street Foods You Should Try in Edgware London

Indian cuisine has been a favourite of Londoners for generations – who doesn’t love a good curry? Through the years the types of Indian cuisine being introduced to the London foodie scene have evolved to include elevated contemporary Indian cuisine and authentic Indian street food.

Popular street food delicacies like the dosa, chaat, pani puri, and many others are not finding their way into the hearts (and stomachs) of Indian food fans!

If you’re looking to check out some of the best Indian street food in London, The Spice Box in Edgware should be at the top of your list. It’s by far one of the best Indian street food restaurants in London – it will send your taste buds reeling!


Indian street food in London is one of the latest food trends to hit the local food scene and The Spice Box in Edgware – a family-owned café on Whitchurch Lane – is doing it proud with its rich and aromatic flavours. If you haven’t yet explored the culinary delights of the signature street food dishes from India, start with these…….

Pani Puri – Round bite-sized crunchy puri filled with a flavourful water.

Sev Puri – Crunchy puri disks topped with a sweet and savoury mix of chana, tamarind sauce, and more!

Bombay Bhel – This fresh and spicy snack is made with a mix of puffed rice, cilantro, onion, tomato, and a sweet lime sauce to give it an extra kick.

Vada Pav – This simple and savoury snack is perfect any time of day! Simply put a spice packed potato dumpling inside a bread roll and you have Vada Pav.

Delhi Samosa Chaat – The samosa is famous all over the world because it’s so delicious. Samosas are a fried snack with crunch dough on the outside with a savoury and spicy potato mix inside. Yum!

Mumbai Pav Bhaji – Served with a traditional Indian bread roll for scooping up every last drop of the rich veg bhaji gravy that has a fresh and herby flavour, this street food is commonly eaten for breakfast or a hearty afternoon snack.

Best Indian Street Food In North London

Dine-in at our cosy café to enjoy a feast of Indian street food in Edgware and to wake up the taste buds followed by traditional Indian classics like Chicken Biryani or Rogan Josh Lamb Curry. You can also order takeaway and enjoy a sumptuous feast in the comfort of your own home. Check out our menu and catering services when you click here.

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